Seance, 2013 - Mixed medium on paper.

60 cm x 40cm






Drawings made in Australia over 2002 -03

Kings Canyon Drawing, 2002. Pencil and Wax

on Paper. 60cm x 40cm


Kings Canyon Drawing, Pencil, Indian Ink and

Bottle Top on Paper. 45cm x 30cm. 2002

Hayman Island Drawing, 2002. Pencil, Indian

Ink and pastel on paper.60cm x 40cm

Perth Painting. 2003. Oil, filler and grommets on canvas.

60cm x 90cm


During my time living in Australia from April 2002 until June 2003, I spent a bit of time drawing, above is a small selection of work. They were inspired by the place I was living.

I was living and working at the Kings Canyon Resort, which is situated between Alice Springs and Uluru in the Northern Territory, Australia. The Kings Canyon drawings were done while sitting under a shelter observing the landscape. I was interested in the transformation of a drawing, under the influence of the surrounding environment. For instance I would follow the path of a bird with my pencil. A bottle top dropped on the drawing of Kings Canyon 2, which evolved and completed the drawing. I even observed and traced a tumbleweed rolling by.









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