This page features a range of small scale projects

1. Melbourne Drug Court and CAST Collaborative Mural Project

2. Tagai Primary School (Thursday Island, Torres Strait) Painted Games Project



October - December 2019

This project was funded by RMIT's CAST program and involved staff and participants involved in Melbourne Drug Court. The 6 week program is a trial to assess the relevance of arts activities at the Melbourne Drug Court. The Melbourne Drug Court is part of the judicial system in which people with drug related offences are sentenced to psychosocial programs to support their wellbeing rather than to prison sentences which perpetuates structural violence. I really enjoyed connecting with the people engaged in the drug court and very much appreciated seeing the creative contributions. Big thanks to Marnie Badham from RMIT and Andrew McMillan from Melbourne Drug Court for coordinating the project and recruiting me.





The Tagai Primary School Painted Games Project (Thursday Island, Torres Strait, QLD, Australia) was designed to encourage movement and education for students of the school. I collaborated with teachers and parents of the students to develop the aesthetic model.. The project was intended to be developed further to engage students on further games, but unforeseen circumstances restricted this.












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