'Strongjaw seduces. 

Strongjaw extends a soothing, unsettling invitation to explore white masculinity.

Strongjaw silences. 

The most common reaction to witnessing the warped, fluid reality of Strongjaw’s existence is muted. Strongjaw shocks with his honesty because it is not expected. It is not expected because Strongjaw’s honesty has been hidden with paternalistic intent. For the good of us: the majority, made of minorities.  It is sobering, belittling and infuriating. It is not surprising that we have nothing to say.

Strongjaw shows us a familiar world with different forms. Sharper edges and more bloated movements. Gender is more than what it seems, but less than what it is. We are all bit players in this dance, and there’s only one star: Strongjaw.'

- Selamawit Mulholland (disgruntled fan)








15% of profits from underwear sales will be donated to the Tonga Leitis Association




Briefs - Protrusion - No Pouch Briefs - Protruding Intrusion - No Pouch Briefs - Intrusion - No Pouch


Boxers - Intrusion - No Pouch Boxers - Protruding Intrusion- No Pouch Boxers - Protrusion - No Pouch


Boxers - Intrusion - Pouch Boxers - Protrusion - Pouch Boxers - Protruding Intrusion - Pouch






Strongjaw performance at 'Luminal Wanderlust' group exhibition opening at Fox Galleries, curated by Rebecca Agnew

April 1 - April 6, 2021





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