Tomahawk 2008

Creeping around the back of a Dunedin Nightclub, I could smell and see the urine stained pavement, the bins of empty bottles, glass smashed on the ground. I found the entrance way and pressed 62A “Come on up” a warm, welcoming but distracted voice announced on the speaker. Walking up the 3 flights of stairs under the flickering and humming of fluorescent light; past rubbish, spent beer bottles and holes in the derelict walls, I began to set the ambience of the exhibition. Place, location, sight, and the griminess of the entrance was something to be embraced whole heartedly.

‘Tomahawk’ is an installation held in the artist’s studio; the studio is an obsolete urban apartment above a well known local nightclub; Douglass’ practice is focused on painting and painting related endeavors, his work explores philosophical conundrums through chance encounters and creative and spatial relationships. Three bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and corridor, try and house the installation, but it merges with the outside world, comes up the toilet, crawls down the chimney and envelopes the roof and a balcony on an adjacent building....

Walter Heke










©Copyright - Adam Douglass 2004
Dunedin, New Zealand